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ShopMate lets you launch your very own e-commerce platform pain-free. Forget the complicated stuff and just have fun building your site up! We're sure your patrons and new customers will love it.
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About ShopMate

ShopMate is a subscription based service by MMPH that enables hobby shop owners, especially those catering to Magic: The Gathering, to establish their own e-commerce shop. Integrated FAB database coming soon too!

Get started in three easy steps

1  Select a domain name (Ex.
2  Add cards and products to your inventory
3  Personalize your site and get rolling!

What makes ShopMate special?

We designed ShopMate with both shop owners and customers in mind. Our mission? Make life convenient and easy for both.

See the features below and find out the different ways our platform can help your business.

Be the proud owner of your very own e-commerce site

We understand the value of having a site you can call your own, as ShopMate gives you the opportunity to veer away from the saturated lot of sellers in other e-commerce platforms.

Integrated MTG card database

We're taking the pain of uploading individual card images and manually inputting default card data away because ShopMate has a robust, searchable MTG Card database. (FAB coming soon, too!)

Upload your whole inventory in one go via spreadsheet import

Do you have a spreadsheet file of your inventory? Just upload it and see your cards published on your website in seconds!

Daily auto price updates

We know it's a tall order to keep your card prices up-to-date, so we'll just do it for you. Simply select your TCGplayer price scheme (Ex. Mid) and multiplier (Ex. x55) and you're all set! Wanna lock the price of some of your cards in? We can do that too.

Integrated payment gateway

Offer more ways to pay to your customers as they can now conveniently and immediately settle their order via E-wallet or Credit Card payment upon checkout!

Sell as much as you like

Whether it's MTG singles, other TCGs, or sealed products and accessories, enjoy an unlimited quantity of items that you can offer!

Monitor Sales and trends

Keep track of your sales activities, top selling items, and easily find out what cards your users are looking for with our Sales and Analytics dashboard!

Automation features that help you do more with less

Selling a card that your customers have been looking for? ShopMate helps you maximize sales opportunities by automatically notifying users who've wishlisted or searched for that card by email!

Personalize your shop

ShopMate provides different levels of customizations from color schemes, to layouts, to creating and uploading your own content!

Intuitive UI/UX

Our ever-improving user interface is tailored to discerning hobbyists and shop owners. Never miss opportunities as a result of poor user experience!

Fully mobile responsive

We understand that the vast majority of your users may be on mobile, so we've ensured that every page of your site is mobile friendly.

Top notch support

Enjoy continuous platform updates and first-rate service support the MMPH brand is known for.


Decklist Search
Promo Implementation
Store Credit System
Search Capturing
Third-Party Plugin Integrations
...and more!

If you're interested to learn more about ShopMate, please send us a message.

Let's make it happen, shall we?

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